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  Water Saving Ideas For Your Garden
Water Saving Tips for the Home Gardener for Efficient Water Use
  • Plan your garden to be efficient. A xeriscape or conservation garden can greatly reduce water requirements.
  • Plan first. Sketch a map. Note natural conditions like shady areas that will affect plant placement. Draw groups of plants that have similar watering needs.
  • Select plants whose needs fit the areas you identified.
  • Consider the use of rock, mulch, paths (wood, concrete, or pavers), and patios as alternatives to turf.
  • Include the irrigation system in your plan. Nothing saves water like a well designed irrigation system.

Efficient water use means keeping the water where you want it.
  • Water early in the day, especially in warmer weather, to reduce evaporation loss.
  • Water deeply and thoroughly and you may water less frequently. This will encourage the plants and trees to send roots deeper giving them a greater tolerance to drought.
  • Be sure your irrigation system is in proper working condition with no leaks or badly aimed sprinkler heads.
  • Don't run your irrigation sprinklers at too high of a pressure. Doing so creates a fine mist that evaporates much faster and will simply blow away if there is any wind.
  • Use a drip irrigation system for a simple and efficient way to ensure each individual plant in your garden gets it's share of precious water. In fact deep and drip watering systems can save up to 60% of all water used in your garden's upkeep.
  • For large amounts of tightly spaced plants use a hand held nozzle for a few minutes instead of setting a sprinkler and walking away.
  • Weed frequently to keep the weeds from stealing water from your garden plants Consider using landscape fabric between the soil and mulch to prevent weeds from infitrating your garden.

Properly condition your soil.
  • Before planting your garden be sure to amend your soil with organic matter or specialized soil additives. This will enhance not only plant nutrition, but water absorption and holding capability.
  • Adding clay breakers and ultra light components such as pearlight will allow water to more easily penetrate clay soils.
  • Adding organic materials, such as compost, to your sandy and loose soils will aid in water retention. There are even commercial gels products that will capture water when it rains and slowly deliver it back to the soil in dry times.
  • Adding a 2" thick layer of mulch or decorative wood bark under shrubs, around trees and in flower beds will help to keep the soil underneath moist and cool through the hot summer days. Mulch also slows weeds and erosion.

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