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Here you will find links to sites that we feel provide useful information about water conservation and related topics and resources.

SW Florida Water Management District - Conservation Home Page This site covers a wealth of topics on water conservation for the homeowner, as well as commercial, industrial, and agricultural topics. There is a comprehensive links page and a resources page.

US Environmental Protection Agency - Water Use Efficiency Program Page The EPA provides documents and information in PDF format for residences, landscaping, communities, and industry; both in English and Spanish. The site's many pages and publications covers topics such as drought management, water recycling, low flow toilets, water-efficient products, and related links.

California Urban Water Conservation Council - "H2OUSE" Water Saver Home Take a tour of a home to see the water savings possibilities. Learn the top 5 actions to save water. Use the water budget calculator to see how much water you use. Plus a resources page with lots of great information and links.

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