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We have searched the internet on this topic and have found a few sites that cover the topics of commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities water saving ideas and implementations. Rather than repeat all of the information here, we will direct you to those sites.

The SW Florida Water Management District has an excellent set of pages that contain case studies and checklists for manufacturers, hotels/motels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, and hospitals. The checklists cover:
  • Operations and Equipment
  • Bathrooms and Restrooms
  • Building Maintenance
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Cleaning
  • Cafeteria and Food Service
  • Outdoor Water Use/Landscaping
  • Polices
This information is located at SW Florida WMD - Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Water Conservation

The US Environmental Protection Agency's Water Use Efficiency Program site contains documents and information on using water efficiently in residences, industry, communities, and commercial business. This information is located at US EPA - Water Use Efficiency Program

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