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This time we review The Shower Manager.

What is it?
The Shower Manager - A Great Water Saving Idea! The Shower Manager is truly a unique product, I have been unable to find any other product that does the same thing. The purpose of The Shower Manager is to conserve water through the limiting of showering times. What we found to be the best part about the Shower Manager, is that when your time is up, and you still have soap everywhere, it still allows you to fully rinse off, but at a lower water flow.

How did we test it?
To test the Shower Manager our editor (and parent of teenagers) took the unit home and installed it. He said the installation instructions were helpful and the installation was easy, even for a klutz.

We found that you can program (if you can call it that) the unit to one of several time settings allowing you to choose the length of all showers. The programming was as simple as listening for a series of beeps indicating the shower time chosen. The shower times to choose from are 6, 8, and 11 minutes, we tested on the 6 minute setting.

What did we think?
Our editor said "The Shower Manager did as advertised and timed our showers for us. About 90 seconds before the showering time was up, a beeper sounded warning me to hurry and finish. When I failed to finish within the six minutes, the water flow was cut to about half, and was just enough to rinse off. I can see how this reduced flow could train me to keep it [my showering] within six minutes. However, I think I might re program the unit for 8 minutes, my wife can't seem to get her hair done in that short of time."

Overall Score
When asked about whether the Shower Manager was a product to recommend to our readers, our showering guinea pig was overall pleased and gave the Shower Manager a score of 4 out of 5. When asked about why not 5 out of 5, he responded: "There were two things that made this product a 4.
First: Was the reset interval, it was designed to stop cheaters from turning off the water for a few seconds in order to reset the Shower Manager and get more showering time. But it just made me wait, shivering for the water to start. Now that I know, I will wait just a little longer before I get in.
Second: My wife really wished the Shower Manager matched the color of my decor. It [the Shower Manager] only comes in white. But overall I guess I can overlook the aesthetics because of the great functionality."

Product:The Shower Manager
Function:A high tech shower timer
Score: 4 out of 5
Web Site:showermanager.com

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